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The R&R Brand Story

What happens when two creative minds join forces to disrupt the branding world? Let's find out! Reagan and Rachel both moved to Bend, OR in 2018 on separate adventures. Reagan was settling in with her soon-to-be husband, and Rachel was on a solo journey to finally find home. We crossed paths as two powerhouse women building our own businesses. It was serendipity and the similar love of a good turtleneck moment that sealed the deal. After many Marco Polo messages, a few joint projects, and the desire to work with other powerful women, we created R&R Branding. 

We're great on our own, but unstoppable when creating together. Where Reagan has a keen eye for design, visuals and a beautiful creative flow, Rachel steps in with a discernment for written word and strategy.


What does this mean for the brands we partner with? Double the fun. Double the ideas. Double the desire to craft a brand that our clients love.


Rachel Peterson

I started Rachel Peterson Social in 2017 after working in digital marketing and social media for Better Homes & Gardens and the non-profit sector. I jumped from job to job, yearning to break out of the cubicle life and join the ranks of self-employed powerhouses. After being empowered by other young, female entrepreneurs, I blindly jumped into business ownership! I specialize in digital marketing, website design, social media management, and copywriting. Any business model, any industry! I love my job because I get to craft a brand story and share it with the world. I am invigorated and inspired by helping a small business build its foundation from the ground up. Nothing excites me more than seeing a client's business grow and succeed. 

I believe that Bend holds a special kind of magic that creates powerful connections. As soon as I stepped foot here in 2018, I knew I had finally found home. I haven't stopped exploring and adventuring since I arrived! I've easily transitioned into a PNW'er by owning a HydroFlask, a kayak, and getting a dog. My free time is spent on the trails, in a coffee shop, sipping red wine, or breaking a sweat (and let's be honest, an occasional Netflix binge, too!)

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Working with Reagan

I have worked with Reagan in front of and behind the camera. Both experiences are spectacular! As a subject of her photos, she makes you feel like a magical human. She captures the core of who you are and what your business is about. She has a killer instinct for branding photography; knowing exactly what you need to showcase your company on all platforms. Her work, her wit, and her charm are why I love her as a friend and my other 'R'!

Reagan Keehn

Growing up I have always been an artist. My brain has always been wired to learn and to create. Even if I could buy something, I wanted to learn how to make it first. (I think my favorite thing I made in my younger years was a lamp.)

When I went to college, I was confronted with the lie that we all hear too much: you can’t make a living being an artist. I still studied art and collected a BFA from the University of Oregon. But out of fear of never making a living, I jumped into the corporate world and made a name for myself and learned how to be a business woman, and I LOVED it. Art fell to the side for many years because I couldn’t figure out how to translate my creativity into my new professional identity. 

Eventually, I picked up an old DSRL camera that was given to me, and a film camera from my grandfather, and I started making again. I taught myself everything by reading user manuals, watching Youtube tutorials on editing, and I would ask EVERYONE I knew if I could take their picture…(I even asked a boy on a first date if I could take his picture…thankfully he ended up becoming my husband!)

Through the journey of owning a creative business, I realized the gift of this work is the people I have the honor to work with. Time and time again, I hear the same words from my clients and it always brings me back to my craft. They feel confident, powerful, and at ease. To me, this is the most important feedback I have received from any work I have done in my life. 

My work isn’t just about photographs, it's about the in-between moments with clients: learning about them, boosting them up, LAUGHING, talking about life, DREAMING, being our real selves, believing in them, and fostering their love for themselves and their business.

When I am not shooting or editing, you can catch me at a local brewery with my husband, working on home projects, or cuddling my dogs, Roo and Howie.

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Working With Rachel

When I first met Rachel I just instantly liked her. She is silly and relatable and also so intelligent. Working with her always keeps me organized with a list of to do's and realistic expectations. She is creative and innovative and always brings everything back to the client's intent and needs. This gal always amazes me with her love for running, proper punctuation, and writing mastery. She is the perfect addition to our team. 


Why R&R

Because two R's are better than one! We both love being business owners, but find power in having two creative minds and just the right skillsets to offer a full service branding agency. Our goal is not to compete with large agencies. It's quite the opposite. We offer small businesses exactly what they need to accelerate their brand.

Brand photography. Digital Marketing. Web Design. Copywriting.

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